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Latest news

Hyrex 28s maiden voyage

Hyrex 28 maiden voyage outside Tønsberg, Norway

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Podcast on Hyrex på

We are included in Seilbåtsmagasinets podcast!

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Teknisk Ukeblad writes an article about Hyrex and the future of the boat market

Teknisk Ukeblad (A Norwegian weekly magazine that focuses on engineering) has published an interesting article about Hyrex!

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Open day 28. October 2021 summary and photos

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Hyrex 28 prototype under building

The Hyrex 28 prototype has been under construction since 2021 and is near completion.

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Hyrex and Hynion are building hydrogen stations for leisure boats

Hyrex cooperates with listed company Hynion to build hydrogen refuelling stations along the norwegian coast.

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