BMW Event in Trondheim

BMW Event in Trondheim

We were honored to be part of this remarkable gathering, where groundbreaking ideas and sustainable visions set the stage.

Hosted by BMW, a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of sustainable mobility, the event showcased the undeniable potential of hydrogen propulsion. And at the center of it all, our very own innovation – a boat empowered by a hydrogen electric propulsion system.

As the event's name suggests, the focus was on the introduction of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, a revolutionary step towards a cleaner future in transportation. At the intersection of automotive and maritime, the event gathered forward-thinkers, experts, and enthusiasts who shared a common goal: shaping a more sustainable world.

Our presence at the event was an opportunity to showcase our boat's hydrogen propulsion system, a true embodiment of innovation and eco-conscious engineering. Invited by BMW, our team had the privilege to interact with like-minded individuals, exchanging insights and exploring the endless possibilities that hydrogen offers.

The picturesque backdrop of Trondheim was the perfect stage for this rendezvous of innovation. From engaging discussions to hands-on experiences, the event unfolded as a hub of inspiration for all things hydrogen.

With the success of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen Nordic Event, we return with a renewed commitment to advancing sustainable marine technology. Our journey doesn't stop here – it's a continuous quest to harness the power of hydrogen, transforming it into a force that drives us towards a greener horizon.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to BMW for inviting us to this game-changing event and to all those who shared their passion for innovation under the Nordic sky. Together, we're charting a course towards a cleaner, more sustainable future – one powered by hydrogen.

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