Hyrex is an innovative Norwegian hydrogen technology company which early on identified a future demand for hydrogen range extenders in pleasure boats and commercial vessels 25-60 feet.

With financial support from the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway the company was established in 2020, and in October 2021 we could demonstrate a lab version of the HyBoost range extender technology..  In March 2022 we launched the Hyrex 28daycruiser as a development and demonstration platform for this technology on water.

In 2022 the company was also fully funded for commercialization by a grant of NOK 15 million from Innovation Norway supplemented by a NOK 21,8million investment from existing and new private investors.

The Hyrex 36 family of fast patrol vessels was announced early 2023.

Hyrex’s sustainable business model

The Hyrex organization is lean and agile, ready to meet the fluctuations of supply and demand.

We will maintain the skills and resources required to secure our first mover advantage in the market segment of zero emission boats 25-60 feet.
Also, we will and continue to develop our extensive network of partners, suppliers and subcontractors to take advantage of the best resources and facilities available.

In this way, Hyrex will be able to delivery zero emission boats and hydrogen technology with the highest quality at the best prices to our customers.

Engineers at Hyrex test-lab (photo by Tore Stensvold)