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OceanDrive One

The C28 demo boat demonstrates OceanDrive One's hybrid electric hydrogen system, providing clean and efficient performance for pleasure boats.

The experience and competence gained when developing the demonstrator have laid the foundation for the HRX and OceanDrive systems we are offering today.

Applications of Oceandrive

Oceandrive one

Pleasure vessel

OceanDrive One is tailored for small pleasure vessels, offering a seamless hybrid propulsion system that combines electric and hydrogen power.

Ideal for pleasure vessels ranging from 28 to 40 feet, OceanDrive One offers clean, quiet, and powerful performance. It’s perfect for recreational boating, offering an eco-friendly solution without compromising on efficiency or range.

OceanDrive Pro


OceanDrive Pro is designed for medium-sized commercial and pleasure vessels, offering robust and reliable performance with its advanced hybrid propulsion system.

Suitable for commercial and pleasure vessels from 30 to 50 feet, including fishing boats, ferries, and service vessels. OceanDrive Pro delivers enhanced operational efficiency and significantly reduces emissions, making it ideal for demanding maritime environments.

OceanDrive Multi


OceanDrive Multi is engineered for larger commercial vessels, providing megawatt-scale power and exceptional performance for intensive maritime operations.

Perfect for commercial vessels ranging from 50 to 80 feet, such as large passenger ferries, offshore support vessels, and other industrial applications. OceanDrive Multi ensures high power output and efficiency, supporting extensive and heavy-duty marine operations with a focus on sustainability.