Hyrex 36: The Future of Patrol Vessels is Hydrogen Electric

Hyrex 36: The Future of Patrol Vessels is Hydrogen Electric

As pioneers in the world of hydrogen technology, we at Hyrex are thrilled to announce our latest innovation: the Hyrex 36. This family of cutting-edge fast patrol vessels represents our bold step into the professional market and stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable maritime solutions.

Designed in collaboration with Øystein Jaer of Naval Dynamics, the distinguished naval architect behind the Hyrex 28, the Hyrex 36 features advancements that set it apart in the industry. It's not just a vessel; it's a declaration of our vision for the future of patrol boats.

Hyrex 36 SAR

The Hyrex 36 is a triumph of maritime engineering, a hydrogen electric vessel that more than doubles the stored energy of our 28-foot day cruiser. This significant leap forward translates into greater range and the ability to maintain higher speeds, enhancing the vessel's operational capabilities while ensuring maximum efficiency.

Available in three distinct suits - Search and Rescue (SAR), Expedition (EX), and Personnel Transport (PT) - each Hyrex 36 is tailored to meet specific operational needs. The SAR and EX models utilize electric outboard engines from Evoy, while the PT model is fitted with electric sterndrives from RAD Propulsion. This diversity of choice within the Hyrex 36 family ensures that we have the right vessel for every mission.

Hyrex 36 PT

The Hyrex 36 embodies our commitment to a more sustainable future. The hydrogen electric propulsion system offers a cleaner alternative to traditional fuel methods, dramatically reducing the environmental footprint of professional vessels in a large range of areas. It's not just about getting where you're going; it's about how you get there.

We are immensely proud of the Hyrex 36, and we believe it stands as a beacon of what the future of maritime vessels can, and should, be. This hydrogen electric fast patrol vessel isn't just a new product; it's a new way of thinking about, and interacting with, the maritime world.

For the hydrogen tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential buyers out there, we invite you to discover the Hyrex 36 – a vessel designed not just for the seas of today, but for the challenges and possibilities of tomorrow. Now available for reservation.

Hyrex 36 EX

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