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Bli med på visning av Hyrex 28 i Nøtterøy den 28. oktober!

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Unrivalled performance, range and effiency.

Hyrex 28 is a zero emission pleasure boat 100% powered by our own Hyrex Boost 300, a sustainable and future proof hydrogen-electric propulsion system. Hyrex 28 will redefine boating as we know it.

Bli med på visning av Hyrex 28 i Nøtterøy den 28. oktober!

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Going further

Extend the range sixfold with the use of hydrogen fuel cell electric propulsion systems.

Going Smarter

Combining state of the art hydrogen and battery technology to achieve the most fuel efficient solution on the market.

Going Green

Join the transition to a bright and sustainable future without compromise.

Unmatched efficiency

Hyrex 28

  • Powered by HYREX BOOST 300

  • Over 6x the range of comparable electric-only cruisers

  • Unmatched efficiency with the lowest drag coefficient in the cruiser market

  • Designed and manufactured in Norway

See video about Hyrex and Hyrex 28 (Norwegian language)

Hyrex 28 under construction

The Hyrex 28 prototype has been under construction since 2021 and is near completion.

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Hyrex and Hynion are building hydrogen stations for leisure boats

Hyrex cooperates with listed company Hynion to build hydrogen refuelling stations along the norwegian coast.

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For many years I have been looking for an environmental friendly solution to use electric boats for more than a few hours at a time. With the help of HYREX BOOST we were able to extend the boat trip more than 6x to 25 hours of smooth cruising.

Henrik torgersen


what we do


Combining state of the art hydrogen and battery technologies for unrivalled performance, range and efficiency. Range and weight benefits of hydrogen with the cost efficient use of batteries charged from the grid.

The hydrogen revolution has started

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