Experience Hyrex 28 at «Arendalsuka» 15th - 16th of August.


Taking the lead in zero emission boating

There will be a huge  demand for hydrogen technology in boats 25-60 feet in the time to come.

Increased pressure from governments, and the society at large, to reduce climate gas emission also for this important segment of the transportation sector is only one of the reasons.

As understanding is growing that  the boating segment is one of the largest sources of emission along the coast, boats consuming tens of litres of fossil fuel per hour will no longer be in demand, or  even tolerated.

Experience Hyrex 28 at «Arendalsuka» 15th - 16th of August.


Blue-print of Hyrex 28
Blue-print of Hyrex 28 with details

Safety and power management system

Hydrogen equipment integration and safety engineering:

• Leak and pressure sensoring
• Intelligent safety controller

We can help you with your hydrogen project

Range extender integration

HyBoost propulsion systems for boat builders:

  • Pleasure boats

  • Ferries, tourism, SAR, fish farms, harbor service, pilots etc.



HyValve components for system integrators:

• Safety valves
• Pressure and flow regulators
profile of CTO Øyvind Wetteland

Hyrex is a hydrogen technology company with several market opportunities:

  • Hyrex 28 complete hydrogen-electric boats

  • Private market

  • Boat pools

  • HyBoost propulsion systems for boat builders

  • Pleasure boats

  • Ferries, tourism, SAR, fish farms, harbor  service, pilots etc.

  • HyValve components for system integrators

  • Safety valves

  • Pressure regulators

  • Hydrogen technology and safety engineering

...fuel cell electric drivetrain systems is the only way to enable a more environmental future.

Øyvind Wetteland

Co-Founder and CTO at Hyrex

Hyrex 28

Hyrex 28 is a zero emission pleasure boat 100% powered by our own Hyrex Boost 300, a sustainable and future proof hydrogen-electric propulsion system. Hyrex 28 will redefine boating as we know it.

Marine hydrogen fueling station

In a partnership with OBS and Hynion, Hyrex is developing the world’s first marine hydrogen station with automated on-site hydrogen production and standardized hydrogen fueling.


The HyValve is a system for safe filling and regulating high pressure to fuel cell. With every safety features necessary for handling high and low pressure hydrogen.


Screen grab from news story

Hyrex 36: The Future of Patrol Vessels is Hydrogen Electric

Introducing the Hyrex 36 family of fast patrol vessels, a groundbreaking fleet that blends hydrogen electric technology and unparalleled hull design to redefine capabilities in maritime operations, while paving the way for a sustainable future.

Screen grab from news story

Photo: Screenshot / NRK

NRK visits Hyrex

In connection with Hyrex getting NOK15 million funding from Innovation Norway.

While some of our engineers were testing the hydrogen electric Hyrex28. Journalists from NRK Norwegian TV visited and enjoyed a comfortable, silent ride in the sunny summer weather in the fjords of Tønsberg.

Profile of CEO Henrik torgersen

For many years I was looking for a technology to break the range barrier for electric boats. I found it with hydrogen. With the help of the HyBoost technology, Hyrex can extend the boat trip to more than 20 hours of smooth cruising in 8-12 knots.

Henrik torgersen


Engineers at Hyrex test-lab (photo by Tore Stensvold)

Photo: Tore Stensvold / Teknisk Ukeblad

Hydrogen technology

The Hyrex 28 has proven to be an effective platform for developing and demonstrating the benefits of hydrogen electric propulsion systems in boats.

Because Hyrex is developing complete, hydrogen electric boats, we are also building competence and technology for hydrogen electric propulsion that are applicable in other market segments. This technology is in demand also from other boatbuilders and system integrators, both in the pleasure boat and professional boat markets. There is also demand for engineering support for installing effectively and safely the technology in boats and systems build at their premises.

Hyrex will have offerings also in these segments of the boating market, in addition to our core strategy of building complete pleasure boats. In this way we will contribute to the spread of the hydrogen electric technology in pleasure boats as well as commercial vessels.  

Unrivalled performance, range and effiency.

Hyrex 28 is a zero emission pleasure boat 100% powered by our own Hyrex Boost 300, a sustainable and future proof hydrogen-electric propulsion system. Hyrex 28 will redefine boating as we know it.

See video about Hyrex and Hyrex 28 (in Norwegian)

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Going further

Extend the range tenfold with the use of fuel cell electric drivetrain systems.

Lightbulb iconLightbulb icon

Going Smarter

Combining state of the art hydrogen and battery technology to achieve the most fuel efficient solution on the market.

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Going Green

Join the transition to a bright and sustainable future without compromise.


Hyrex 36

  • Powered by HYREX BOOST 700

  • Exceptional operational range and power

  • Comfort and versatility for crew and passengers

  • Designed and manufactured in Norway

  • Available in 3 configurations:

    • Search and Rescue (SAR)

    • Expedition (EX)

    • Personnel Transport (PT)

Unmatched efficiency

Hyrex 28

  • Powered by HYREX BOOST 300

  • Over 6x the range of comparable battery-only electric cruisers

  • Unmatched efficiency with the lowest drag coefficient in the cruiser market

  • Designed and manufactured in Norway

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