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Hydrogen RANGE EXTENDER system


The HRX Hydrogen Range Extender System offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, making it suitable for small recreational boats to medium-sized commercial vessels. With tailored power options and a space-saving design, HRX ensures clean, hydrogen-powered performance with minimal emissions.

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Control system

The heart of the system controlling and monitoring all aspects of the system.

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Safety system

The Guardian is a decentralized safety system of smart sensors of monitor the whole HRX system.



Compact Tank Connection Space

The CTCS is the only high-pressure area on board requirements of the customer.

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AquaCool Compact

The ACC is a compact and modular cooling system which utilize sea water for the most effective cooling. The system will be dimensioned to the size of the total system.  

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EnviroGuard System

Engineering philosophy for a controlled environment either through ventilation or nitrous systems for a hydrogen-powered boat that ensures safety, efficiency, and compliance with relevant standards.

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Monitoring System

The Sentiel is an independent system monitoring all parts of the HRX system and will take preventive measures in accordance with a predefined protocol.

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Human machine interface

The HMI is based on user requirements and will be adjusted accordingly on a project basis.

pmh icon


Power Matrix Hub

The central power distribution units both high and low voltage in our hydrogen-electric systems, bringing together busbars, fuses, relays and communication.

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Valve Control Suite

The VCS system is a compact and modular valve pack that handles the regulation ofH2 pressure, safety features and control of H2 supply.

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Fuel Cell

Fully Enclosed

HY9K Core CommandControl System Theheart of the system controlling and
monitoring all aspects of the system

Reasons to implement HRX


Utilising state of the art hydrogen fuel cells to combine the best elements of both hydrogen and battery technology


Modular buildup allows for changes in battery and hydrogen storage capacity allowing range to be increased.


Fuel cell power system can be scaled to match the needed application


Always drawing down the battery first, the system only uses stored hydrogen when you need the range.

Cost Efficient

Installing HRX significantly reduces weight costs compared to an equivalent battery pack.