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Installing hydrogen electric propulsion systems in boats requires special skills. Requirements for certification and safety of hydrogen systems will not be common knowledge for some time to come.

In order to support safe and efficient installation of HyBoost systems also to other boatbuilders, Hyrex maintains a group of highly trained  engineers, ready to be deployed to installation projects outside of our premises.  

Stian Bogen

Project Manager

Mats R. Håkestad

Software Engineer

Mustafa Sabonchi

Power Electronics Engineer


Electronics Design Engineer

Christian Wisnes




Modular Design

Blue-print of Hyrex 28 with details

Safety and power management system

Hydrogen equipment integration and safety engineering:

• Leak and pressure sensoring
• Intelligent safety controller

We can help you with your hydrogen project

Range extender integration

HyBoost propulsion systems for boat builders:

  • Pleasure boats

  • Ferries, tourism, SAR, fish farms, harbor service, pilots etc.



HyValve components for system integrators:

• Safety valves
• Pressure and flow regulators

The modular setup of Hyrex Boost allows us to scale hydrogen tanks and battery capacity to different sizes of boats and vessels.

Hyrex is a leading hydrogen technology company that provides innovative solutions to distinct markets:

Private Market:

  • Hyrex 28: Our Hyrex 28 series of hydrogen-electric boats are complete solutions for private individuals and boat pools.

  • Hyrex 28 Hydrogen Ready: Our line of electric boats is prepared with everything in place for an upgrade to hydrogen, offering an eco-friendly and future-proof solution for the private market.

Professional Market:

  • Hyrex 36: Our latest product, the Hyrex 36 hydrogen-electric boats are built to serve various professional needs such as taxi boats, tourism, Search and Rescue (SAR), fish farms, harbor service, pilots, and more.

  • HyBoost 300 Propulsion Systems: These are designed for boat builders, providing an eco-friendly power option for pleasure boats.

  • HyBoost 700 Propulsion Systems: Specifically designed to meet the needs of professional boat builders and larger vessels, offering an advanced and sustainable power solution.

  • HyValve Components: We offer specialized components such as safety valves and pressure regulators for system integrators.

  • Hydrogen Technology and Safety Engineering: Our team of experts provides cutting-edge hydrogen technology and safety engineering solutions, ensuring you have the safest and most efficient hydrogen systems available.