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Installing hydrogen electric propulsion systems in boats requires special skills. Requirements for certification and safety of hydrogen systems will not be common knowledge for some time to come.

In order to support safe and efficient installation of HRX and OceanDrive systems to boatbuilders, Hyrex maintains a group of highly trained  engineers, ready to be deployed to installation projects outside of our premises.  

Modular Design

Blue-print of Hyrex 28 with details

Safety and power management system

Hydrogen integration and safety engineering

  • Leak and pressure sensoring

  • Intelligent safety controller

We can help you with your hydrogen project


Range extender integration

Highly scalable Hydrogen range extender system

  • Fuel Cell Power: 30-200 kW

  • Stored Hydrogen: 8-35 kg

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Hydrogen Propulsion System

Highly customizable hybrid propulsion system:

  • Stored Energy: 190-3400+ kWh

  • Electrical propulsion: 40-600 kW

  • Vessel sizes: 28-80 ft

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The modular setup of Hyrex OceanDrive allows us to scale hydrogen tanks and battery capacity to different sizes of boats and vessels.

Hyrex is a leading hydrogen technology company that provides innovative maritime hydrogen solutions:

Hydrogen Power Systems:

  • HRX: Scalable hydrogen power for small to medium-sized commercial vessels.

  • OceanDrive: A range of advanced hybrid electric hydrogen propulsion systems.

Engineering Services:

  • System Integration: Comprehensive support for integrating hydrogen technologies.

  • Optimization: Enhancing efficiency and performance of maritime systems.

Consulting Services:

  • Hydrogen Implementation: Expert guidance for adopting hydrogen solutions.

  • Efficiency Planning: Strategies for efficient hydrogen technology use.

Safety Solutions:

  • Hydrogen Safety Engineering: Ensuring the highest safety standards for hydrogen systems.

  • Risk Management: Comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation services.