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Our next innovation, the Hyrex Boost 1500, is being crafted with strict attention to detail and a focus on advanced hydrogen technology.

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Our Hyrex Boost systems are designed with flexibility in mind. They are tailored to meet market demands as they evolve, accommodating the specific space and performance requirements of different boats. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, but a commitment to provide, adaptable solutions.

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Our systems can be integrated into a variety of boat sizes, from larger leisure boats to commercial vessels. This scalability means that we can always provide a solution that fits, regardless of the size or type of your vessel.

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Our hybrid systems offer cost savings, weight reduction, and lower fuel consumption.

Markets ready for disruption

Day cruisers

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By combining a battery for day to day usage with a hydrogen fuel cell range extender we have been able to reduce costs by over 50% and weight by 70% compared to an equivalent battery system


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HYREX BOOST X will make it easier to take your sailboat around the world with zero emissions necessary

Fishing Boats

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Fishing vessels in Norway are subsidised by up to 50% of the extra cost from installing a hybrid solution, drastically reducing costs.

Commercial Vessels

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Vessels constructed and used for specific purposes, such as tenders, have the perfect usage pattern for a hybrid solution.


Why BOOST 1500

HyBoost outline

Potential Applications

Our products fit serveal of the biggest transportation sectors that needs to convert to a more sustainable means of transportation.


Combining hydrogen range extenders with electric battery packs to make long range efficient electric vehicles possible.


HYREX BOOST HYREX BOOST 1500 reduces weight and total cost of ownership


Hydrogen filling stations and fast chargers are being rapidly built in Europe. The infrastructure in getting ready. 


Our products are extensively tested and certified by 3-rd parties.


Reducing total cost of ownership makes HYREX BOOST 600 / 1500 the obvious choice.