Hyrex 28 on calm sea

Hyrex 28

Longer Range

Estimated 6x the range without any increase in weight to comparable battery-only electric cruisers.


The electric motor is completely silent, allowing you to enjoy a nice conversation while driving around.


Electric motors are practically maintenance free, saving you the headache ten years down the line.

Cost Efficient

The hydrogen electrical powertrain system significantly reduces weight costs compared to an equivalent battery-only system.


Always drawing down the battery first, the system only uses stored hydrogen when you need the range.


Our goal is to revolutionise how we think about mobility, infrastructure and renewable energy in order to save the environment.



HYREX CRUISER 28 powered with HYREX BOOST 300 - a hydrogen electrical drivetrain system. Designed and manufactured in Norway to meet every requirement of the high-end market. Combining a 20kWh battery pack with a 300kWh hydrogen range extender allows for 20-25 hours of cruise time at 10knots. HYREX BOOST 300 makes it possible to travel far, green and economically by utilising energy from the batteries first, and the hydrogen for when you want to travel far.

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Converting boats and vessels over to fuel cell electric drivetrain systems is the only way to enable a more environmental future. Batteries alone just don't have the energy density to meet all requirements in the market.



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