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Hydrogen electrical range extender system providing 300kWh og hydrogen and 20kWh of battery energy. Specifically designed with the day cruiser market in mind. 75% lighter and over 80% cheaper than equivalent size battery-only system; Drastically reducing capital costs and energy consumption.


Drastically reduced energy spend

  • Energy for short trips provided by battery

  • Lower weight drastically reduces energy spend

  • Extra hydrogen-powered range available when needed

  • Reduced total cost of ownership compared to pure battery solution



  • We help with the integration

  • Design a new hull

  • Adjust current hull to fit

  • Retrofit existing boat

Reasons to implement BOOST 300


Utilising state of the art hydrogen fuel cells to combine the best elements of both hydrogen and battery technology


Modular buildup allows for changes in battery and hydrogen storage capacity allowing range to be increased as much as needed.


Fuel cell power system can be scaled to match the needed application


Always drawing down the battery first, the system only uses stored hydrogen when you need the range.

Cost Efficient

Installing Boost 300 reduces costs by an estimated 60% and weight by 75% compared to an equivalent battery pack.

Reduced TCO

Installing Boost 300 allows most energy to come from the grid, substantially saving on fuel costs compared to a pure hydrogen solution