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Hyrex is an innovative Norwegian hydrogen technology company started as a joint venture between OBS Technology, ZES and Zenzor. Our vision is to offer electric drivetrains for  pleasure boats and utility vessels where  weight and size of a sufficiently large battery pack is not economically or physically feasible.

Our initial target market, the day cruiser, is ripe for innovation. By combining a battery for short trip usage with a hydrogen fuel cell range extender we have been able to reduce weight by 70% and cost by 80% compared to an equivalent battery-only system. Our system has a filling time of a few minutes and makes it possible to travel for 25 hours in unrivalled comfort without re-filling.

The modular setup of Hyrex Boost allows us to scale hydrogen tanks and battery capacity to different sizes of boats and vessels.

Our goal is to enable the transition to sustainable transportation for all types of vehicles with the help of hydrogen fuel cell and battery technology.




Hyrex Management



p: +47 900 43 428



p: +47 928 60 613


Project Manager

p: +47 936 27 544


Principal Engineer

p: +47 911 55 719

Hyrex Technology Team

Stian Bogen

Project manager

Christian Wisnes

Test & Safety Engineer

Mustafa Sabonchi

Power Electronics Engineer

Mats r. Håkestad

Embedded System Engineer

Jørgen R. Simonsen

Senior Mechatronic Enginner
M.Sc. Mechatronic Engineer

Egil Holm

Industrial Design Engineer
M.Sc. Industrial Cybernetics

Turid O. Johnsen

Product Engineer

Office In
Tønsberg, Norway
phone number

+47 90043428


Kalvetangveien 83
3132 Husøysund